Saturday, March 13, 2010

Guest Kitties! Bonetta Jumps the Squirrel Hurdle

In this fine action shot, Squirrel poses like a beauty queen as Bonetta leaps over her.  

Squirrel might be insecure about the curvature in her back, but the Cats and Catts crew think it's a mark of distinction.  The curvature, of course, makes for an awesome hurdle where Bonetta can show off her grace and coordination.

Squirrel appears to be checking for the identity of this orchid.  Without a proper label marker, Squirrel relies on the appearance of the leaves and pseudobulbs to make an educated guess.  I think we're dealing with a cybidium.  This AOS Care Sheet offers a nice overview of general cybidium care: high nitrogen fertilizer in spring and summer, cool evenings in the Fall to initiate flowering, and plenty of light.  I'm sure Bonetta has it covered ...

Thanks Angela!

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