Saturday, March 20, 2010

Miss Me?

As soon as Lan Lan (left) sees the suitcase, she knows one of us is going out of town.  She will usually escalate her state of neediness and demand extra pets and attention.  No amount of rational conversation can talk her down from acting freaky.  I mention that it's going to be a short trip, or that Trixie is staying home, but it doesn't to quiet her.
On the other hand, as Lan Lan matures, she's become less traumatized by the occasional out-of-town trips.  I think she knows that we will return and it's less of a big deal. Riley (seen here working on some filing) is less mature, less patient, and therefore more prone to emotional displays.  For instance, if you look closely at the picture, you can see a scratch mark on the bridge of his nose from (I'm guessing) a battle with Griffin.  Riley is a freak.  We all know this.

So, while I'm away at the Omaha Orchid Show and the Mid-America Orchid Congress this weekend, who is missing me the most?  Riley or Lan Lan?  As I type this, Bean is howling like a maniac.  Maybe I have it all wrong?  Or maybe it's just a show and as soon as I'm out the door they simply go about their business of taking naps and begging for treats.  Perhaps Trixie has some insights.

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