Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rule #60

The Cats and Catts household is making some changes in how we buy and eat food.  Our food shift has been prompted by realizations, evolved opinions, new knowledge, and good old fashioned peer pressure.  Perhaps I'm warming up to the idea that sustainability is sustainable.  So, maybe all of these people telling me to read Michael Pollan for the last five years have a point?  I loved Botany of Desire, especially the tulip part (obviously).  Trixie was approaching Pollan through a series of youtube videos about environmental sustainability, American health trends, and the complicated evolutionary relationship humans have with food.  (I also think she has a tendency to find bald men especially attractive, but that's a separate topic).  Feeling the pull of the Pollan, we started with the basic primer Food Rules: An Eater's Manual. He says "You can read it in an hour and it just might change your eating life."

Food Rules has advice for the kitties, too.  Rule #60 stuck out at me: "Treat treats as treats."  The only problem with that as a command is that Griffin will only hear "treats" and beg for more.  That rule has three utterances of the word "treat," and that's asking for trouble.

Lan Lan, I don't think, reacts to the word "treat" in quite the same way.  The "treat treats as treats" motto might actually work.  But watch out if you have animal cookies because -- treat rule or not -- she will get up in your face and demand her share of jimmies.  

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