Thursday, March 4, 2010

Report from the Kansas City Orchid Show

The 2010 Kansas City Orchid Show was rather awesome.  There were a lot of good looking plants and creative displays.  I also had the opportunity to act as a clerk during the judging process, putting the ribbons on the plants that won awards.  It was actually harder than it sounds.  I ended up having fun and learning a lot.  At one point, the lead judge solicited opinions from the clerks and I said something like "me think flower looks pretty" (or something equally trenchant). 

In his observations of orchid judging Eric Hansen said, "No one could ever claim that the orchid people are svelte" (Orchid Fever pg. 117).  By contrast, our group was in fine shape, weaving in and out of the exhibits, bestowing honor on the all of the fine flowers.  I didn't see any of the curmudgeons that populate Hansen's book, just dazzling flowers, fellow friendly orchid freaks, and a few helpful vendors

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