Sunday, December 5, 2010

Power Watering

The all-white look was going for a Ghostbusters feel, but I may have missed the mark.  My 4-gallon Solo Pro Backpack Sprayer has cut my watering time substantially.  My past ritual of dragging the plants to the bathtub to be doused with a watering can took a lot of energy.  A sprayer typically used for insecticides, I reasoned, would do the job with greater efficiency.  Indeed!  It's given me the precision of hand-watering with the speed of a shower.

You only get one spine, so you have to protect your back.  Strangely, the backpack sprayer aids in that goal because (despite the above photo) I water with it off my back.  I sit comfortably in a chair, seat the plants in a plastic tray near the growing set up, and water away.  Most of them are on trays, but the bigger Cattleyas and Phalaenopsis are arranged in a Tetris-like configuration that I deconstruct and recreate at every watering.  That's the next issue I need to deal with before I'm completely happy with my system.

For now, I'm glad to harness the power of pump-driven technology for faster plant watering and a new way to torment Riley.

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Mark said...

You're the Frederick Winslow Taylor of Orchids!