Sunday, December 12, 2010

Orchid Murder in New York City

I've spent a decent amount of time in the New York Public Library and I'm familiar with the security protocol.  The special reading rooms are under extra special surveillance, and the librarians will let you know if you should, for instance, handle rare photographs with white cotton gloves or if an old book needs book weights and a stand so the spine doesn't crack.  Even the drinking fountains and washrooms have a regal air.  So, I was a little surprised to learn that Keith Richards was smoking in the NYPL and that he killed an orchid in the process (h/t Caroline).

Marie d'Origny, deputy director of the Library, found her Phal. amabilis dead, killed by the smoke coming from Keith Richard's poorly placed ashtray.  She was very upset about it.  She's not the only one angry.  The folks on dListed expressed rage at the library director, the aging guitarist, orchids, and each other.  If this wasn't a G-rated blog, I'd love to share with you some of their colorful descriptions.  Ultimately, I found myself most aligned with joe shmoe @ 6:11: "I take defiling orchids very seriously. TEAM NOT KEITH."

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