Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kentucky Orchids

The Kentucky Orchid Show last weekend was a ton of fun.  The speakers were exceptional and the Saturday dinner was outstanding.  The orchids?  Top-notch.  Check out this display from the Greater Cincinnati Orchid Society.  The center plant is M. clowesii grown by Jim Lurton.  He was also showing an impressive Dor. pulcherrima (hv. champorensis) 'Highjack' and a Phal. celebensis in the same display. 

You can't go wrong with a white Cattleya, but this one ('Arctic Star') shown by the Central Indiana Orchid Society was a delight.  Clear white petals, lacey lip, and yellow in the throat -- wow!

Are you up for another one?  How about this Habaneria erichmichelii 'Pink Cloud' AM/AOS by New Vision Orchids:

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