Monday, September 20, 2010

"And It's Calm Air Over Sunbeam, By a Nose"

 At least that's what I would expect the racehorse announcer to say if he were to look at my paint choices.  Or, if my paint choices were in a horse race.  Regardless, Sunbeam was much too yellow, so Trixie and I decided to go with a more muted color scheme.  Remember, this was a Labor Day project that I envisioned finishing in 48-72 hours.  I don't care that I already used the yellow - I just view it as practice.  How do you like Calm Air?

The horse race comparison is somewhat apt because I'm racing to finish this before I leave for Louisville Kentucky at the end of the week.  Louisville is home to both the Kentucky Derby and the Mid-America Orchid Congress Fall Meeting.  I'm attending the latter.

In other news, my Miltassia is starting to show off and Griffin remains a problem.

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