Sunday, October 24, 2010

Orchid Room Refreshed

 It took several weeks, but the orchid room has new paint, more light, and better climate controls. Finally!

I’m supplementing the light from a West-facing window with compact fluorescents. In general, my big plants are on the left, the low-light babies are on the bottom, the small Catts are in the middle, and the Brachys are on top. The red and black fans are on alternating schedules to vary the air circulation. Off-screen, in the back of the room, an oscillating fan turns on in the afternoon for six fifteen-minute blocs. The Brachys, in particular, appreciate the extra air movement. For humidity, we have a cool-air humidifier in the corner and a large bowl of water on the bottom of the plant rack. Griffin is shown taking advantage of the water bowl, but we’ve seen all of the cats enjoy it. The air feels buoyant, the kitties are happy, and now -- with cooler nights and shorter days -- it's the orchids time to shine.

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