Monday, October 25, 2010

Crazy-Cheeks Griffin

Here, Griffin christens the plant stand with her cheeks.  She seems to recognize that the Miltassia has finished blooming, unveiling its thirteenth and final flower on October 23.  But back to Griffin....

The strange appearance bands of discoloration approximately a foot above the floor on various wall edges has been an ongoing mystery of the Cats and Catts house.  Recently, we took a closer look and noticed that Griffin's repeated rubbing of her cheeks against the wall edges has left a mark.  We know this is her way of marking territory, a common strategy among cats because of scent glands in their cheeks, but Griffin is extra aggressive in this regard, befitting her pushy nature.  My Brassavolas, my toothbrushes, the edge of whatever book I'm reading -- Griffin leads the way with her crazy cheeks.

So, I was happy to have the camera ready to document what a complete freak Griffin can be when she doesn't get enough cheek pets.

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