Friday, October 29, 2010

Frog Friday! Ludisia Edition

Horst and Bob stand on the jewel orchid (Ludisia discolor) I brought home from my orchid society.  Erich Michel is an accredited AOS judge with deep, deep, knowledge of multiple orchid genera.  He runs Michel Orchid Nursery where you can find crazy beautiful Habenerias.

Honestly, I regretted the purchase when I first brought it home.  It was potted in sphagnum moss and I always killed plants in sphagnum (that's negative thinking, I know, but it was also an empirical fact).  The first week was rough and it seemed all out of sorts with my watering routines.  A push and pull effect structures my watering: I water "when the plants need watering," but my regular life and work require some watering patterns slightly out of step with the plants' needs.  The Ludisia seemed to resent whatever I was doing.

I repotted it and placed it with the frogs.  Now, I absolutely love it.  The frogs also love it.  The crickets move along the coconut husk basket that houses the orchid, giving the frogs multiple points of attack.  Horst and Bob like to wait on top.  Carol, Alice, and Ted like to stay in the water around the basket to pick off the crickets that escape from above.  The plant appreciates the high humidity, and I like the fact that I can water it with a spray bottle.  I can definitely envision another jewel orchid in my future, and I think the frogs can, too.


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Jon said...

Congrats to all at Cats and Catts for a fun and informative year! We attempted to contact "Kitty" concerning her guest appearance here, but were directed to her agent who informed us that "Kitty" was unavailable for comment unless she received union scale. The fame has gotten to her head! Again, thanks for a great year and congratulations!