Friday, April 9, 2010

Welcome Home, BDo!

by Trixie

I must admit, I do very little to assist in my husband’s orchid hobby.  It started as his solo obsession, and I believe it will remain that way.  It is awesome to watch his enjoyment at helping things to grow (something I have never given much thought). He is meeting new people, discovering a new vocabulary, and having lots of fun writing about his growing love of all things orchid.

For my part, I am a good photographer, and I am always ready to jump into action when I see a kitty being cute, when there is exciting kitty/watering-day action, and to take pictures of pretty orchids.

This past week has been Spring Cleaning time at our house.  The orchid room (formally the “guest room” but it was decided that there would be more room for orchids if we got rid of the guest bed) has been a bit daunting to me, since it basically belongs to BDo, the kitties, and the orchids.

BDo left me with very specific watering instructions, which I followed exactly.  I was very careful of all the pretties, and took care to make sure they were happy.  But something was just striking me as wrong with the orchid arrangement. There was so much wasted window space! What “we” needed was some height, some room to hang plants, and better use of space.

Although I had been admonished to wait, and let him do the rearranging of the orchid room upon his return, I simply couldn’t. I needed to make things happen at the speed that makes me happy and satisfied, whereas BDo will wait months and months for a single flower to open.  I do have accidents when I get moving too fast and I wanted to make sure to be alone while working on the orchid transfer…..just in case.

You can see the before and after results of my labor in these photos.  I am very happy that things look less cluttered.  He was very happy to see how much room he has to play with, and he immediately started planning what Brassavolas he would be bringing home from the Oklahoma show.

Happy to do my part!  ~ Trixie


gaby said...

Oh my goodness, it looks amazing. I'm sure your guests won't mind being squeezed out for such beauty.

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