Thursday, April 22, 2010

Aunt Nadine, Riding in Coach

Here is Aunt Nadine posing with a Dendrobium speciosum hybrid purchased from Ontario Orchids.  Nadine is named after Trixie's great-great-aunt.  Aunt Nadine has a sister kitty named Aunt Arlene (named after the other great-great-aunt).  Aunt Arlene and Aunt Nadine sometimes take trips down the West Coast, from the tip of Washington to San Diego County and back.  Sometimes these excursions extend eastward toward Iowa or Kansas.  The kitties ride in style in a giant RV or "coach," taking in the sunlight from the panoramic front window.  But will Aunt Arlene and Aunt Nadine look after the orchid and give it the water and food it needs?  Time will only tell, but Aunt Nadine certainly looks trustworthy.

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