Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Going Once... Going Twice...

I need to avoid orchid auctions.  The rush of excitement overcomes me and I lose all sense of proportion.  My initial auction strategy was to save all of my Jacksons for the kovachii hybrid. I thought it would make a lovely companion plant for my Eumelia Ariaz.

So, what was I doing bidding for a giant white phal.?  The rational part of my brain said "you don't have room for that!" but another part said "Gor-geous!  Must crush all competing bids!"  Dionysus wins again and (above) Riley poses with the result.  It's a Dtps. Devonshire Charm x P. City Girl.  The hypnotic white flowers are striking but, as I struggled to fit it into my car after the auction, I realized that the plant should be a gift for my green-thumbed friend, a friend who loves plants but is currently orchid-less.  Sorry, Riley.

So, what happened to my plan to go all-in for the kovachii hybrid?  What happened to my quest for the amazing Phrag. Peruflora's Cirila Alca (kovachii x dalessandroi)?  Well, that was before I won the phal., the catt (Blc. Chia Lin 'Shinsu #1' AM/JOGA), and the Mexipedilum xerophyticum 'Oaxaca' CBR/AOR x Phrag. 'Windy Hill' HCC/AOS seedling.  By the time my target orchid went to the auction table I simply didn't have the resources to outbid the other Society member gunning for it.  At least it went to a great home.

With what I had left, I jumped into one last bidding war and managed to snag Paph. adductum 'Dark Cloud' x gigantifolium 'Dark Warrior,' another promising long-petaled slipper orchid from the experts at the Orchid Inn, Ltd.

Although I didn't win the orchid I intended, I couldn't believe the deals.  Next year at the Orchid Society of Greater Kansas City annual auction I'll bring a deeper bankroll and a calmer spirit.  The pretty flower will be mine!

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gaby said...

Auctions always get the better of me too, but even though you didn't get what you planned on, you do end up with the best stories that way! I can just see you trying to negotiate that giant into the car. :)