Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Riley Method -- Large Flowered Cattleyas part 1

Riley and Sabine have been furiously working on a new orchid education project.  "The Riley Method," as they describe it, combines the immersion/internalization dimension of the Suzuki Method with the memory techniques of Harry Loranye.  

Bean turned her researcher's eye to Chadwick and Chadwick's The Classic Cattleyas (Timber Press, 2006) and identified the seventeen large-flowered species as a good place to start.  This video, the kitties assure me, is only an opening stage of the Riley Method, and only an initial step in learning about the large-flowered cattleyas.  According to Selena Sabine, this video represents the first level of "Bean's Taxonomy," whatever that means.  I'm sure she will follow up with a post about it soon enough.  Until then, enjoy Cats and Catts' inaugural youtube video:

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