Thursday, January 28, 2010

World's Smallest Kitty

In 2004, Peebles from Illinois was recognized as the smallest cat in the world.  Two years later, Heed unseated Peebles to grab the crown of "World's Smallest Cat."  Now, Bitsy holds the crown.  Bean?  Well, I just put her picture in there to balance things out.  I was thinking about small cats after I read about the discovery of the world's smallest orchid flower in December 2009.  It measures about 2 millimeters across.

The flower was discovered by Dr. Lou Jost, a biologist and mathematical ecologist who has published extensively on orchids, birds, rain forests, and mathematical biology.  Dr. Jost has discovered sixty new orchid species in his career, including a number of Lepanthes and Teagueia species.

Like rules, records are meant to be broken.  With that in mind, I'm hoping in 2010 Dr. Jost discovers his sixty-first orchid (preferably with a flower under 2 mm) and some kitty knocks Bitsy off his pedestal.

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