Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Joys of Grocery Shopping

Selena Sabine stands next to a white Dendrobium we purchased from HyVee.   She's impressed with the sparkling shine on the white petals and sepals, the long lasting flowers, and the fact that it was $14.95 from a grocery store.  As Queen of the orchid room, Bean happily posed next to one of her favorites.  Can she get it to rebloom?  Time will tell.

Orchids from grocery stores can be an inexpensive way to expand a collection, and you can also feel good about saving an orchid from a probable death.  The downside is that many of these plants are NOIDs or under-labeled.  So, I was happy to see that Bean's favorite white Dendrobium was labeled as Den. Woo Leng x Den. Burana White.  Woo Leng is a cross between Den. Loan Sudharta x Den. Yong Kok Wah registered in July 1989.  I found only a smattering of information about Burana White.  It doesn't make the flowers look any prettier, but Bean appreciates that this one wasn't labeled "White Dendrobium" as it so easily could have been.


Team Tabby said...

Our pink orchid, purchased in February is in bloom again - it is lovely.

Not as lovely as your kitty, Bean, though!


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