Friday, January 8, 2010

Frog Friday!

Alice crawls past the Certostylis, away from the Onc. velutinum.  This photo was taken during September shortly after my purchase, back when it was looking hale.  Now, the Oncidium is on my RIP list after a tough few months.  It was difficult to figure out what it liked.  It needed consistent watering because it's mounted, but it was in a high humidity environment so maybe it didn't need as much watering as I thought.  Complicating matters, crickets ate chunks from the main leaves, hasting its death.  We experienced a short period where we had too many large crickets in with the frogs and they went after that plant in particular.  

In any case, I certainly couldn't trust Alice to watch over it.  She's only interested in crickets and the scenic view.

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