Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life Just Got Easier

Remember when you only had six orchids in your collection and you could water them all at once in the sink? It took only five minutes. Remember that? It’s a fading memory for me, too. I've graduated from the sink to the bathtub, and I've used various empty fish tanks to accomplish my watering goals. But no more! My fantastic father-in-law swooped in from Forks, Washington and installed a deep, two-tub, sink in the orchid room. Normally a chore that takes several hours, I was able to water all of my plants today in about twenty minutes. I put the orchids in the tub, turned on the water, and set them back to dry. Amazing! I'm also able to fill the humidifier without leaving the room to fetch water. That’s huge. I fill the humidifier everyday from September to April, and not having to leave the room to fill it up is a major time-saver.

Oh, and Randy also remodeled the bathroom: removed the tub and sink, tore up the floor, and replaced everything. New mirror. New cabinets. New light. The crazy thing is that it only took 72 hours and one or two trips to the hardware store (I might be exaggerating the low number of hardware store trips). Seriously, it was like one of those house remodeling shows.
The new bathroom is awesome, Lan Lan loves the new faucet, but have I told you about the sink in the orchid room? I have? Sorry. I'm just excited.

My advice? Boys, when you grow up, make sure that the woman or man you married has a father who is a general contractor, expert woodworker, and overall awesome dude.

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