Saturday, March 24, 2012

If Patience is a Virtue...

... then orchid growers must be extremely virtuous. The average time from orchid seed to orchid flower is about seven years, and some species take over a decade to flower. Waiting years for a plant to bloom can be frustrating, but it's super special when it finally happens. 

This is Ceratostylis retisquama, a plant I've had in my collection since 2008. It spent time in the vivarium, the main orchid table, and, finally, the Brassavola aquarium set-up. It grows at a slow pace and I've had difficulty in figuring out how to make it happy. I was thrilled when it bloomed recently. The flower was tiny and faded within a few days. Who cares? It finally bloomed!

Buying full, blooming-sized, plants is sound advice for beginner hobbyists. Sometimes it pays to invest in the future. Many orchid vendors sell flasks, but that's a little too hardcore for me at this stage.

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