Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Cat Ate My Blog Homework

Paphs in bloom, March 2012
We're back from hiatus! There's nothing sadder than a neglected blog, so I'm happy to get back into orchid and kitty postings. My absence was due to an array of causes, but the central one, I think, was purely technological. I replaced my laptop and desktop machines, and the transition period was slow. My brother and sister-in-law got me a phenomenal birthday gift -- an iPad2! It’s as life-changing as promised (and I’m a PC guy), but it’s interface with Blogger (both the Blogger app and Blogger functionality via Safari) is kind of horrible. It's taken me weeks to figure out a reasonable process and routine. All of these are, as the kids say, “first world problems” and, as such, lousy excuses. The time away has taught me that the orchids are going to bloom whether I blog about them or not. So, I might as well blog about them. Right?

There’s been plenty of action in the orchid room. I have a few Paphs in bloom (see above), my B. Little Stars is wrapping up its yearly show, and two flowers opened today on the only Cattleya in my collection (C. Bob Betts). The daylily project is also moving forward. I planted 40 seeds and about half of them have developed into healthy seedlings.

And the kitties? They're adjusting to a new food regime prompted by concerns about Lan Lan’s kidney health. No more free grazing! Special food! Three of our cats are adapting remarkably well. Griffin, however, demands more feeding times and extra treats. Some things never change.

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Justin said...

Good to have you back.