Monday, December 19, 2011

Sukhakulii Without the Warts

I've discussed my affinity for the Brachypetulam subgenus in a number of blog posts, most notably in the "Brachypetalum: Church of the Subgenus" series. But I'm finding myself increasingly drawn to the Barbatum Alliance. I love Maudiae types: regal, classic, and all-around awesome. I also like that I can grow these plants without much drama. They seem to like my setup. Paph. sukhakulii is one of the most important species of the subgenus. It's recognizable with its warts and hairs. It's a freaky looking thing and definitely an "acquired taste." So, I was a little skeptical when I purchased this one from Windy Hill.

But I love it! Oh my goodness! It's Paph. sukhakulii var. aureum ('Green Eagle' x 'Green Ghost'), so it's got green going on all day long. You can buy one here. The crazy hairs and warts characteristic of sukhakulii just aren't there, and I like it like that.    

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