Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nerd Nite!

Isn't this the coolest flower you've ever seen? This is Paph. Makuli (sukhakulii var. aureum 'Green Eagle' x Maudiae 'The Queen' AM/AOS) purchased from Windy Hill Orchids. You can't hear it, but it's screaming, "Take me to a flower show! Take me to a Judging Center!" The petals have a 13.7 cm horizontal spread and the last AM of this particular hybrid (awarded in 2004) had a 14.0 cm spread. The symmetry is gorgeous. I love how the warts line up on the topside of the petals. It's an instant favorite.

Last night, I had an opportunity to show off my enthusiasm for orchids at Nerd Nite and I brought the Makuli along as a visual aid. Nerd Nite is nationwide phenomenon based on the idea that nerds should gather to share their passion about nerdy and geeky things. It's a brilliant idea. Typically, Nerd Nite takes place on a monthly basis, is hosted by a restaurant or similar venue, and attracts a crowd for three 20-minute presentations. My talk was titled "Paphiopedilum Dreams: Confessions of an Orchid Freak." I hope to post the video soon. Stay tuned! 

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Jon and Lisa said...

Nerd has become the new cool! Can't wait for the video!