Thursday, December 8, 2011

Team Bella

I love the double bloom! This is Paph. Triple Bella (Paph. Bella Lucia and Paph. Triple Trix), last seen under Sabine's supervision here. This plant and my glorious Phrag. have made for an exciting Autumn. A third show-stopper opened yesterday (details soon).

Despite my love of Brachys they're living up to their repuation as a tough Paph subgenus to cultivate. I think I'd do better if all of my plants were Brachys (not happening) and I'd do better if I took my own advice. Like I tell everyone, you'll kill your Brachys if you water them with the rest of your Paphs. Wait another day or two.

However, our risk of insanity increases exponentially with every complication we add to our watering routine. Is it worth the risk? The fungus-infested plants I've killed say no, but the two flowers above say yes, yes, and YES.

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