Friday, February 18, 2011

Winding Down from Kansas City

Den. Roy Tokunaga
grower/exhibitor Mark Prout
As usual, I have the least amount of time to write when I have the greatest amount of material to write about. The Kansas City Orchid Show was last week and it was a remarkable success by all accounts. Three of our Society members won AOS awards, several won show awards, and my B. Little Stars won a blue ribbon for Brassovolas and a white ribbon for specimen plants. The out of town guests and vendors seemed to have a good time, too.

I didn't take enough photos. I had four days, but they were busy days and I didn't have many opportunities for a lengthy photo session. And I had to shop. A Maudiae type Paph. in the Windy Hill exhibit at the St. Louis show was totally mesmerizing and I've been looking for one since. I found one in bud -- not the same Windy Hill one, but something that would satisfy the craving for the time being. I'll have photos soon! 

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Orchid de dangau said...

Congrats for your winning ! The Dendrobium Roy Tokunaga looks so beatuftiful.