Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Moss People Invade St. Louis

The exhibit organizers were going for a Mayan theme, but sometimes it felt like Nilbog from the movie Troll 2, a place taken over by goblins who turn people into plants. But who invaded St. Louis and turned the ancient Mayans into moss people? I don't think it's trolls, since there weren't any in Troll 2. Goblins seem equally implausible. My best guess is that members of the Red Hat Society are behind it, but I lack solid proof.

Cybidium Desert Sand
The moss people were a nice touch and a reminder that orchid displays involve more than stacking up a bunch of plants. A lot of the conversational snippets I overheard centered on the moss displays instead of the plants. I suppose that's okay, especially if an appreciation of the moss artistry leads people to look the orchids surrounding it. Still, I had a sneaking suspicion that the Red Hat ladies were injecting unsuspecting tourists with green moss, and that we  could become moss people if we walked too close to a pack of Red Hats. It was a scary thought.

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