Friday, November 5, 2010

Frog Friday! San Francisco

We now have six frogs in our vivarium!  Trixie brought home our new fire-bellied toad, San Francisco, from the good people at Pet World.  We base our naming strategy on our favorite movie Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice (1969), starring Natalie Wood and Robert Culp.  Horst, our fifth frog, is named after the German tennis instructor with whom Carol has an affair.  San Francisco is named after the woman with whom Bob has an affair when travels to the Bay Area for business. In the movie, the nameless woman is featured for only brief flash, running into the eponymous quad late in the film, and saying "hi Bob" with a flirty smile before walking past them.  Carol reads the situation with complete clarity, so when Alice asks "Who was that?" Carol answers "San Francisco" without skipping a beat.  Soon thereafter, we get the scene where Ted (played by Elliot Gould) wants to order a glass of water for Alice at the fast food drive-thru, but they keep trying to sell him bonus burgers and the like.  Riveting stuff, but I digress.

In one of the funnier lines, Bob defends San Francisco's intelligence: "she has a Master's from Berkeley." Much of the humor in Bob's line derives from its facial absurdity, the idea that possession of an advanced academic degree is proof of intelligence, even though Bob probably truly thinks that way.  Likewise, our San Francisco seems to be very thoughtful and open-minded -- an indigo frog, if you will -- but Horst will likely remain the brains behind the commune. Bob, meanwhile, will continue to gorge himself on crickets.

Have Trixie and I seen this movie too much?  Perhaps, but maybe you haven't seen it enough.  So, put it in your Netflix queue and give some thought as to what we should name our next frog. (Emilio the waiter?)

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