Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday News Watch

Here's the orchid news that caught my interest this week:

* I recently stumbled upon this fantastic orchid blog from Gothenburg Sweden.  Check out this super cool (pun unavoidable) growing set-up designed especially for cool growers.  Those look like very happy plants!

* About Orchids has a nice post about Kefersteinia.  I was just reading about this genus in Frowine's Miniature Orchids.  As always, stunning pictures from the About Orchids crew.

* Are orchids still fashionable and coveted by celbrities? "Donna [Karan] likes orchids" her associate said.  So does Beyonce, apparently. 

* Here's a disturbing post about orchid poaching in Peru.

* Here's a more upbeat piece about an orchid enthusiast in Australian who compares orchid care to healthy relationships.  It's a nice sentiment, and we'll set aside the fact that some orchids thrive on neglect.

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