Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Guest Kitty! Cats and Catts Welcomes "Kitty!"

Yes, it says "Kitty" on her name tag, too.  But please don't make any jokes about the originality of her name.  She's very sensitive.  And, like "vanilla," the name might misleadingly indicate plainness when the reality is much more exciting.  The Catts and Cats crew report that Kitty has tons of personality and affection, and is definitely one of the best kitties in the neighborhood, if not in all of Iowa.  Here, she looks after a semi-alba Phal. from Home Depot.  She looks like she's doing a good job, but if things get rough she might want to consider the Phalaenopsis advice from the good people at  This is how it all starts, folks.  You buy a pretty orchid from Home Depot one day and, six months later, you're at the Oklahoma Show discussing the hybridizing virtues of Phal. equestris with an AOS judge from Texas.

Kitty had a lot to say, and some of it might have touched on the dangers of orchid addiction.  Personally, I appreciated her Sunday morning greeting.  I think one of the things she was trying to tell me (as she gazing into the aquarium in the corner of the room) was, "I know of an excellent recipe for angel fish!  Let me have at 'em!"


Jon and Lisa said...

Loved the feature on Kitty! She's quite excited about her new found love of orchids. We all truly enjoyed our visit with the staff of Cats and Catts and look forward to each new posting! Kitty is considering naming her new orchid Meow.

CatsandCatts said...

Thanks! Kitty was a delight. Easy to work with, very professional. Let me know if your phal. starts to struggle---- although I'm sure Kitty is looking after it just fine.

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