Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beer Bad

Do you remember the slug that was headed for certain death into small container of beer?  Well, that was the only slug taken out by that method.  I left the container out for a few days, but it didn't seem to work very well. Then, a few things occurred to me.  Since I don't drink, how well will this system work?  Will I, like this last time, have to wait until someone leaves beer in the refrigerator?  If I did drink, would I want to waste my beer on slugs?

It's been an especially wet June and I haven't completed the plastic rain cover for the shade house.  I checked out the roots of some of the orchids I was worried about and found slugs, ants, sow bugs, and roaches.  The variety and quantity of the pests pushed me to take extreme action (i.e. Sluggo Plus, etc.).  It's going to be an uphill battle against the bugs, but I'm determined to win it.

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