Sunday, June 13, 2010

Always Wear Sunscreen

Trixie mentioned that I was an official "red neck" this morning.  I was shocked and incredulous -- not because of the term's association with Southern stereotypes -- because I religiously apply sunscreen during my garden time.  So, I balked until she provided the photographic evidence.  

Likewise, I wanted to believe that I provided good shade for my smaller catt hybrids, but the truth was much more harsh.  One plant in particular has had a bad reaction to summertime.  It first started with some black blotches on a fresh leaf tip, then the entire tip turned black and dry.  I razored off the dead part and put the plant in shadier spot, and yet the leaf die-back continues.

I've made peace with my inexperience and have taken the plant indoors for rehab.  The kitties are going to look after it.  Me?  I'm going to escalate my sunscreen usage because the Midwest summer is no joke.

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