Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bean Bumping the Brassavola

As everyone in the Cats and Catts community knows, Bean's favorite day is watering day.  Although I don't have a pre-established watering day, whenever it is, Bean will be there.  She has a certain fondness for the Brassavola Little Stars 'Yasuji Takasaki' (B. cordata x B. nodosa) I purchased from Birds Botanicals in the first week of December.  Sabine especially likes to bump into it repeatedly (see above).  

We're fans of the Brassavola, too.  Although most of the flowers are entering their endgame, for several weeks the perfume filled the room after dark.  Sometimes, I would walk past the room and get hit in the face with the lovely scent.  I love this plant!

So, during of our discussion of Brassavolas I asked Sabine about their award history.  She has catnip toys to play with, vanilla to scout for, and a nap scheduled -- but I've tasked her with this important duty and I expect a report in a couple of days.  


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