Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fresh Water Kitty

Ever since she was a small kitten, Lan Lan has appreciated the fresh water that flows from a slow faucet.  Even with a full dish of water, LL will rush toward the faucet and demand that someone turn it on.  It can't be a faint drip, but it can't be turned too high, either.  And she prefers the coldest available from the tap.  This adorable little habit has been easy enough to indulge.  Its cost in terms of water is low, except for the approximately 6,800 times Lan Lan forgot to turn off the faucet after she finished her drink.

Here, she's posing next to a myoxanthus octomorioides, a pleurothallis-type miniature I picked up from Clackamas Orchids.  No one bid on it during the eBay auction and, at only four dollars, it looked too cute to pass up.  Plants of the Myoxanthus genus are found in Central and South America. Botanist have identified about fifty Myoxanthus species.  Myoxanthus means "dormouse flower" in Greek.  I couldn't find much information about this species, but I stumbled upon some important cultural information for the genus at the blog About Orchids.  I especially appreciated the pronunciation tip (Myoxanthus rhymes with "Go try Kansas.")

Okay.  I think Lan Lan is done.  Time to turn off the water.  Oh look!  A pretty orchid . . .

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