Thursday, June 7, 2012


'Playing With Sharks'
'Wizard's Wine Cup'
It's the start of daylily season here in northeast Kansas. It's a few weeks ahead of schedule, but I'm not complaining. Today, I woke up to find three drop-dead gorgeous flowers. I bought them last year from Blue Ridge Daylilies. I'm most excited about 'Playing With Sharks' (Shooter 2002). Its edge has that "shark-toothed" quality that I'm a little obsessed with. 'Wizard's Wine Cup' (Salter 2001) is super pretty. It opened up later in the day to show off. It was a little too coy this morning -- too cupped.

Blue Ridge Daylilies has 'Sharks' for about $25 and 'Wine Cup' for about $15. I've bought daylilies from a lot of vendors, and I really like the plants from Blue Ridge. They also give awesome bonus plants if you order enough. That's the case with 'Unloosed Dreams' (Kirchhoff 1992). The name seems horrible to me for some reason. How about 'Dreams Unleashed?' Anyway, I (irrationally) had low expectations for it because of the weird name, but it turned out like dynamite. 
'Unloosed Dreams'

None of my orchids are blooming, so the daylily garden is the best show in town right now.


gaby said...

Definitely the best show in town! I'm not going to avoid the "shark."

CatsandCatts said...

Thanks Gaby!
Great to see you last week. (The Paph print easily ranks among the coolest things anyone has ever given me!)

Anonymous said...

I am a cat lover and I am happy that I came across your blog. Good job!

Lewis Lee said...

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