Monday, May 28, 2012

Introducing Possum!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I'm thrilled to announce the arrival of our new cat, Possum. With five cats, Natalie and I are officially Crazy Cat People. Possum is a three-year-old Cornish Rex. We acquired him from a lovely couple who were in the process of downsizing their home. They needed to find good homes for many of the cats that they bred and showed, and we were more than happy to oblige. Possum was a champion in his younger years, winning Best of Color at the 2009-10 CFA Midwest as "Rocketman." But Rocketman ran into some health problems that damaged his coat and kept him off the show circuit. Possum has several bald patches instead of the Marcel waves characteristic of the breed. We've worked with our vet the last two weeks to tackle some of his problems and we can already see improvements in his health and coat.

Possum has been with us for two weeks, but we kept him away from the other kitties during the first week. The cats were already familiar with his smell by the time he arrived on the scene. Except for Lan Lan, all of them have made great strides to accept Possum into the household. She's concerned that he's going to take the best morning sun patches on the stairs and that he's going to eat all of the Crispies. They're going to have to work it out. As a result, though, Lan Lan has formed an unexpected alliance with Riley and Sabine.

Possum is incredibly affectionate and sweet. Riley had a much more aggressive play style when we first adopted him, so I'm confident Possum's siblings will adapt. Possum is also Griffin-like in his appetite and pushy approach.

We will keep you all abreast of Possum updates. I've made a few very short videos of Possum in action -- one of them is above, the other two are here & here. Enjoy!

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gaby said...

Welcome Possum! Can't wait to meet you next week. :)