Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back from Surgery

Riley, post-operation, with a kitty IV tube
Riley sailed through surgery yesterday morning and spent the night recovering at the Clinton Parkway Animal Hospital. They recovered a dime-sized bladder stone that had been causing him all sorts of pain. Trixie visited him yesterday and, when he got to say hello, he toppled over and his face fell into the food bowl. Poor little freak! He tried to meow, but could barely manage it. This morning was a different story. Riley truly looked forward to returning home and was telling everyone within a wide radius his sad plight.

We let him adjust alone for some hours and then released him into the general population. Emboldened with new freedom, he went upstairs and promptly fell asleep on the bed next to Lan Lan. Griffin joined them a few hours later.

We were worried that Riley would have to wear one of those funny cones and that the other kitties would make fun of him. He has stitches, but no cone. He's already eating, scratching the scratching post, and acting cute. We're looking forward to a speedy recovery.

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