Friday, January 7, 2011

Lan Lan's Hard Knock Life

Lan Lan with bouquets of assorted cut flowers
December was a great month for cut flowers in the Cats and Catts house because Trixie was starring in a community theater production of "Annie."  I say "starring" not because she played a lead role but because she played several roles and was integral to the overall success of the musical.  She did awesome!  A star is born!

In turn, Lan Lan and I got to enjoy the flowers she received on opening night.  I saw the production on three occasions and -- as the consummate Stage Door Johnny -- brought flowers each time.  Were the flowers really for Trixie?  Yes, but in terms of the time spent staring at them and fussing over them, I think Lan Lan and I enjoyed the flowers more than anyone else.  Bean only cares about orchids.  Riley tried to eat the raffia and greenery.  Flowers don't dispense treats, so Griffin was completely disinterested.

"Annie" has given the house more than an excuse to have buckets of flowers.  The songs are easily adaptable to cute cat songs ("NYC" as "Little Bean," just think about it....) and, when the cats misbehave, I threaten to send them to Miss Hannigan's orphanage. 


Unknown said...

The cut flowers were gorgeous. I'm so glad Lan Lan got to enjoy them.

Griffin ~ you're the worst.

CatsandCatts said...

I'll pass that comment onto Griffin. She *is* the worst. Her treat-begging was almost intolerable this morning.

Beth at PlantPostings said...

How do you keep your cats from eating your plants and flowers. My cats destroy any growing thing I leave within their reach. Unfortunately, I've become strictly and outside gardener.

Rebecca said...

Love your blog! Love how a cat sneaks into all the photos!

CatsandCatts said...

Hi! Thanks for the comments. I think cats and plants are a delicate balance. Some plants, like ivies and ferns, I'd never keep inside because the cats might get sick if they eat it. Others, like spider plants, we keep out of distance. Others, like moth orchids, draceanas, and philodendrens, the cats ignore entirely. A couple of them (Griffin and Riley) seem to magically know whenever I'm watering the Brassavolas, and the two of them try to rub their cheeks on the spiky leaves. It can be a problem.....

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