Sunday, January 23, 2011

Abe Vigoda RIP

By Trixie

Abe Vigoda died November 12, 2010.  It is hard to explain the joy that my little betta brought to my life, but I wanted to bring some closure to the death of my beloved pet, and pay tribute to a flirty little guy who loved me.

 My childhood was filled with generic goldfish, but the relationship I developed over the 19 months with Abe Vigoda was very special.  He greeted me with "Jazz Hands" every time I walked into the office. He gave me kisses, he blew happy bubbles.  I was truly happy watching him swim around his tank.  I spent countless hours, mindlessly watching his happy laps.

I tried to replace Abe with a different betta about a month after his death, but it didn't take. She had a very different disposition, and didn't seem to or one way or the other if I was in the room.  She was a greedy girl, just like our cat, Griffin.

She soon moved to my office, and now greets people every day. Her personality is still very food driven, but she gets lots of attention from a variety of people, and I have begun to engage her in "Jazz Hands."  Her name has changed several times. First, she was Mrs. Greer.  Then she became Mrs.  T.  Right now, she is in between names, but has a full life.  She has the cool quality of chewing her food so loudly you can hear her crunch, like a dog eating a biscuit.  I pity the fool who gets between Mrs T and her food pellets.

I miss my fish every day.  I have moved his  tank from my office, and but it in a cupboard, I have looked at other fish at Pet World, but I am not sure I am ready to risk bringing another fish home that doesn’t fulfill my emotional needs. I realize Abe Vigoda was a one in a million fish, but I hoe to someday find another fish that brings me such joy.
RIP Abe Vigoda. You are missed.

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