Friday, July 16, 2010

Frog Friday! Double Rainbow Tribute Edition

Stop!  Spoiler Alert! There's a little viral video homework needed in order to appreciate fully this particular Frog Friday.  You first must join the millions of people who have seen the Crazy Double Rainbow Guy video (and you need to see the whole thing).  Then, you should treat yourself to the original Double Rainbow song.

All caught up?  Well, the Cats and Catts house has decided to join the Double Rainbow meme, Frog Friday style.  Our contribution is a montage of our fire-bellied toads Bob, Carol, Ted, Alice (not featured), and Horst having lunch. 

It’s set to my four favorite versions of the Double Rainbow song (originally performed by the sensational YouTube quartet schmoyoho).These versions include Pro2theXreeM’s haunting piano work, Details1 and his straight-ahead, heartfelt guitar/vocal version, Jeannette84xx’s  wonderful piano/vocal number, and Thecolourofinfinity’s up-tempo dance remix.  These videos (listed below) have brought the Cats and Catts family immense happiness in the last few days.  Here, we need to give credit to Paul Vasquez (aka “Yosemite Bear,” aka “Double Rainbow Guy”) who captured his raw emotions and shared them with the world. 

Changing the subject, you might wonder why are the crickets are white.  I dust the crickets with vitamin powder every week or so and it makes them chalky white.  It also makes them stand out nicely against the background.  I’m still working on getting a nice clear shot of the feeding process, but I hope the carnage and rainbows make up for the lack of film quality.  Thanks for watching!

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