Sunday, July 11, 2010

Flower Show Car Crash

I arrived at the Topeka Daylily Show to a light display of flashing police cars and EMS vehicles.  I thought to myself, "This flower show is going OFF!"  Maybe the continued controversy over spider form daylilies was leading to fisticuffs?  I'm so glad I had my camera ready.  

Surprisingly, the incident had nothing to do with competitive flower shows.  An elderly woman drove into the Hallmark store during the Fairlawn Plaza sidewalk sale.  You can read the full story in the local paper.  No one was injured, which was incredibly fortunate because the sidewalk was pulsing with dog owners, ice cream eaters, and bargain hunters.  One eyewitness recalled, "The old lady was sitting in her car and looking forward as if she were still driving on the road.  When someone opened the door to get her out she had a complete blank look on her face and even a slight smile."  Another said, "This lady was clueless as to what was going on.  Even when she hit the wall her tires kept spinning and she was looking around with a completely puzzled, and surprisingly calm face."  I arrived as the driver was talking to police.  I took a few photos and walked across the way to the flower show.

'Pardon Me' won Best in Show. 'Missouri Moon' (pictured here) won Best of Class for Doubles/Polymerous. For me, 'Jealous Jake,' 'Sears Tower,' and 'Take My Hand' were also standouts.  Here, I should note that I know practically nothing about daylilies, especially showing them for competition.  

That could change.  I brought home nine cuttings ('Cheddar Cheese,' 'Beautiful Edgings,' 'Ruffled Dude,' 'Siloam David Kirchoff,' and two red giveaways) and an application for the Topeka Daylily Club.  Trixie looked a little rattled, like I'm cheating on the orchids, but I explained that all of my purchases for the day amounted to less than what a paid for a tiny  Phrag. kovachii hybrid in February and that the annual dues for the Daylily Club are only $5 (a fifth of dues for the Orchid Society).  "And, you know, I have to admit that the daylily people are kind of cool."  "As cool as the orchid people?"  Trixie asked.  "Please! Don't be ridiculous..."       


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That's kooks!

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