Wednesday, May 5, 2010

SWROGA Video Diary 2010

Here are some of my favorite flowers from the Oklahoma show last week. 

So, I missed Glen Decker's talk on slipper orchids.  Dang!  Except for that scheduling snag, I had an absolutely fine time at the Oklahoma Orchid Society Show last weekend, held in conjunction with the Southwest Regional Orchid Grower's Association (SWROGA) annual meeting.  What a show!  Dozens of plants were pulled for AOS judging and a handful were scored (I counted an HCC, about four AMs, two CCMs, and a JC).  

Of particular note, Doug and Beth Martin from the Orchid Society of Greater Kansas City returned home with a bevy of awards (including three blue ribbons, the SWROGA trophy, Best Flower in the Cypripedium Alliance, Best Grown Plant, Best Educational Exhibit, the Slipper Orchid Alliance Trophy, an Orchid Digest Trophy, an HCC, AM, and a CCM [pending registration etc. etc.]). Some of these awards were for their educational exhibit "Growing Hardy Orchids in Containers" and others were for specific plants or flowers in the exhibit.  I was in total awe.  

I will try to recapture some of the other high points this month on Cats and Catts.  Keep it locked on the kitties.  

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