Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pretty Tacky!

Guest-starring for the first time on Cats and Catts, Tachometer (aka "Tacky") shares the sun with a noid Phal.  It's hard to believe from looking at her that she was once feral.  Now, she's mellow and healthy like her phalaenopsis friend.  Tacky competes for Best Kitty in the Condo with her siblings Hamcat and Katana.

If you have a cat/orchid photo you'd like to share with the vast Cats and Catts audience, please send it my way.  This blog doesn't always have to be about the four weirdos around here.  So, send those kitty pics! temperanceunion #at#   


garth2 said...

tacky's ascension to kitty stardom begins!

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