Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lan Lan Gets a Lady Slipper!

Lan Lan is the first kitty in the house to get her own orchid!  She let's her siblings enjoy the orchid room while she commands a different part of the house.  Here, she proudly poses next to an extremely cute Paph. hainanense I purchased from Oak Hills Gardens.   From OrchidWeb, I learned that Paph. hainanense is a warm-growing species native to the Hainan Island of China, and it's part of the appletonianum group of Paphs.

The orchid is all alone in a makeshift "humidity Tupperware" and, perhaps in the future, it will be joined by other Paphiopedilum friends.  For now, I trust Lan Lan to watch over it and give it company.  I think it will work well in Lan Lan's paws because it doesn't need much light (750-1,000 fc) and can live happily away from the highly humid orchid table.  You may have noticed Lan Lan's dark eye.  She has iris melanoma (also called "iris nevi") but we've taken her to a specialist and it didn't have any signs of malignancy.  We will continue to watch over Lan Lan just like she's going to watch over her new lady slipper.

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