Sunday, April 29, 2012

Over the Rainbow

Cyp. parviflorum v. makasin 'George Ferguson'
Phrag. Bouley Bay (this won an HCC)
  I've recently returned from the Kansas Orchid Show in Wichita. It was a SWROGA/AOS joint operation, and it was totally awesome. I caught a sneak peek of the displays Wednesday evening and attended several talks on Friday.

Thursday morning, I had the wonderful opportunity to act as a clerk for the ribbon judging team entrusted with evaluating slipper orchids. We looked at over 70 amazing plants, including the best from Sam Tsui, a glorious Phrag grown by Dr. Frank Serra, and mind-blowing Cypripediums from Doug and Beth Martin. Some of them won AOS awards.
Paph. hennisianum var. christiansonii (got an AM)

And I remembered to bring my camera!


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